Turning a restrictive Delegation of Authority into a successful transformation enabler

Building in just 2 things will convert a seemingly ‘red tape’ corporate document into a major ally in change management efforts

With September upon us, it is the time of the year when many companies whose financial year ended in August are beginning to cascade their Delegations of Authority. While presentation of these documents would vary, their content in most instances consists of fairly dry tables capturing mostly financial limits of executive authority on how much they can spend, invest or commit money-wise.

And this is where these delegations of authority are missing their golden opportunity to facilitate change in the organisation, or embed a transformational effort further.

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10 principles of agile project management for Target Operating Model design

What can be learnt from the IT community to efficiently  organise and deliver complex organisational projects?

Agile is THE kid on the block as far as the IT industry is concerned. Rapid application, Scrum, Kanban and other lightweight software development methods have been challenging traditional approaches such as waterfall for several years now.  The key attraction of agile methods is that their philosophy focuses on people over tools, deliverables that work in practice rather than on paper, continuous collaboration over infrequent interaction events and responsiveness to change over rigid following a preset master plan.

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