About Kirill Derevenski

KD_photo_rounded corners 20Kirill is an experienced Strategic Business Architect, a Member of the Business Architecture Society and the Business Architecture Institute. He has been working in Corporate Strategy, Operations and Transformation & Change Management on both consulting and client ‘sides’ for close to 20 years, successfully merging top level helicopter views with down-to-earth operational realities to deliver business results. His professional profile is available on LinkedIn.

Kirill’s interest in Strategic Business Architecture crystallised while working, in the last decade, as a C-level operational executive and a project manager at the very centre of a profound corporate transformation of a major global services company. He realised then a lack of structured integrated top-down approach to Target Operating Model design and its implementation – the one that emanates from the actual business and its environment, is truly service-oriented, and is aligned to customer needs.

Kirill has since developed the Strategic Business Architecture Helix™ Framework which combines established methodologies with real world practices to assist companies in optimising business results through successful transformation to market-responsive Target Operating Models. He offers his multifaceted strategic, operational and international experience to develop, align with stakeholders, and implement complete Transformation & Change Management programmes, and to lead and/or support  in-house strategy and transformation teams on a permanent, interim or project basis.

Selected examples to illustrate successful use of Strategic Business Architecture approaches to help companies connect their operational models to market dynamics include:

A challenging yet exciting project to identify a market niche for an ‘accidental innovation’ product from a top global conglomerate. Product contextualisation in a number of likely environments led to discovery of a new innovative functional food market space valued at €38 million in the institutionalised elderly and health service for vitamin enriched products in the UK, Germany and France. Architectural deliverables for the project covered business case and requirement identification for market entry at customer, partner and internal resources levels.

Scouting markets to place product innovation

As part of a team of strategy consultants, Kirill carried out an in-depth analysis of the European food ingredient industry and identified market opportunities and suggested optimal ways which can be utilised by ingredient suppliers to move closer to their intended customer base. In particular, key issues addressed included up-to-date market segmentation, sales volume/unit value trade-offs, overall profitability increase, and strategic value addition at the customer level. Especial attention paid to the industry’s best practice, opportunity prioritisation, business planning and strategy formulation.

A comprehensive assessment of drivers for change within the European food ingredient sector

Kirill prepared and led a significant number of management workshops dealing with market developments and their implications for leading pharmaceutical, branded food and packaging companies with turnovers ranging from €100 million to €58 billion. Areas included corporate strategy, opportunity assessment, brand development and restructuring, and concentrated on operating model alignment and balancing between corporate thinking and market reality. Audiences varied from Board- and C-level executives for comparative benchmarking and strategy development projects to operational specialists in logistics, distribution and technical fields for tactical implementation.

A series of Strategic Management Workshops on market development contextualisation

Kirill authored this management report outlining the strategic direction of the European food market, and its place within a wider global structure, over the next ten years. Focus on consumer development affecting food markets; development of a PASE consumer framework to analyse and identify consumer change. Impact analysis of consumer change on the contemporary food supply chain and implication forecasting on the industry suppliers/manufacturers. Forward looking analysis of corporate response to the medium to long-term market changes and developments. Formulation of appropriate corporate operating models, both operationally (e.g. product/service portfolio) and internally (organisational focus).

Where next in food: A new outlook on the European consumer market development

A project on behalf of the Irish Government to inject vitality and to bring change into the Irish dairy sector, where Kirill acted as a co-leader of a consulting consortium. The project included detailed internal and external analyses of the Irish dairy, its competition and legislative forces affecting the industry. The project deliverables covered specific architectural recommendations detailing the industry structure, product portfolio, marketing strategy and general development strategy. Once implemented, the project is capable of assisting the Irish dairy processing sector in generating extra €250 million annually in value-added activities.

Formulation of a Strategic Development Plan for the Irish dairy industry

A project on behalf of a major European food supplier to revitalise business and increase stakeholder value. The aim of the assignment was to review corporate performance in the mature industry, identify new opportunities and determine strategies to pursue new market options. Recommendations included change in market focus, acquisition advice, and strategy development modelling. Implementation covered change propagation throughout the organisation and ‘Balanced Scorecard’ development for individual business units.

Formulation of a Strategic Development Plan for a major corporate